Fr Dr Flergin Antony

Assistant Professor

SSLC- Deepthi High School Thalore

Pre-Degree- History, Economics and Business Studies

Degree- BA Philosophy

Post Graduation- MA English Literature & MA Linguistics

PhD- Linguistics "A Discourse Stylistic Analysis of Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies"

Nehru Arts and Science College, Coimbatore 2015 May -2016 October

St.Thomas College Thrissur - 2016 October- 2017 March

Jyothi Engineering College- 2017 August- 

Areas of Specialization

Stylistics, Discourse Analysis, Speech Acts and Pragmatic Linguistics

Areas of Interest

General Linguistics, Applied Linguistics; Discourse Analysis, Cognitive and Pragmatic  Linguistics, Phonology and phonetics 

1. "Text and Reality: An Enquiry on Discursive Structures"

2. "Language of Persuasion: A Discourse Approach to Advertising languages"

3. "Cohesion: A Discourse Stylistics analysis on Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies"

4. "Cohesion in Conversation: A Discourse stylistics analysis on Amitav Ghosh's sea of poppies"

5. "Politeness: A Pragmatic Analysis of Amitav Ghosh's sea of poppies"

6. "Language and Power: An enquiry on Speech Acts in President Obama's speech at Westpoint"



1. Decolonising English: A Post Colonial reading on Indian English

2.Language of Persuasion: A Discourse analysis on Advertising Language

3.Language and Power: An Enquiry on Speech Acts in President Obama's Speech at West Point

4.Text and Reality: An enquiry on Discoursive structures


1. A Workshop on Soft Skills Sponsered by UGC SAP

2.A Seminar on Linguistics on English Language Teaching organised by UGC

3.A Workshop on Social sciences and research Methodology organised by Bharathiar University

4. 7 Day FDP on Autonomy and Outcome-based value education held at NASC

5.FDP-E-Education: Content, Tools and Technologies held at NASC

6. FDP on Capacity building on ICT and Web Tools for emerging higher education needs held at NASC

7. Cambridge English Teachers support Workshop on developing Four skills in preparing BEC Examination organised by BEC