Dr Jarin T


To be a functional part of an organization which offer good opportunities to develop professional skills and to achieve organizational objectives.

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering.[2016]

  • ME in Applied Electronics, St. Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering.[2010]

  • BE in Electrical Engineering.[2008]

9 Years Experiance After M.tech

Areas of Specialization

Biomedical/Applied Electronics /Power Electronics & drives /HR Management

Areas of Interest

  • Bio Medical Engineering
  • Special Electrical Machines
  • Power Electronics
  • Soft Computing Techniques

Sno. Achievement Year

Formed Departmental Organization BEATZ and conducted first Symposiums and a National Conference in 2012.


Convenor for second National conference BEATZ on March 12, 2016. 


Organized a workshop on Industrial Automation by CARTEL Automation  Pvt. Ltd. From 10-02-2016 to 12-02-2016.



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Sl. No.

FDP Details



Resource Person/ Participant

Academic Year-2010-11


Research Opportunities at CVRDE - DRDO sponsored

Anna University of Technology, Thirunelveli

6th April 2011



Automation Engineering by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu in association with National Instruments.

Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education

13th to15th December 2011


Academic Year-2011-12


Soft Computing Techniques and Its Applications in Electrical Engineering-DRDO sponsored.

National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.

5th & 6th August 2011



Make Research Simple

Arunachala College of Engineering for Women yothi Engineering college

13th August 2011



Design, Modeling and Control of Electrical Machines using Artificial Intelligence

National Engineering College, Kovilpatti

28th & 29th October 2011



IEEE student Branch Officers Training Workshop

St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering Chunkankadai

21st January 2012.



Emerging areas of research in embedded systems

CEG campus, Anna university

30th & 31st march 2012.


Academic Year-2012-13


National Level Technical Seminar EEDRTP’ 12.

National Engineering College

14th & 15th Sep 2012


Academic Year-2013-14


Training for Final Year projects using MATLAB

Arunachala College of Engineering for Women

19th & 20th July 2013



Comprehensive Analysis on Random Pulse Width Modulation based Induction Drives.

National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.

28th August 2013

Resource Person


Integrated electronic circuit’s education using NI platform

Rajalakshmi Engineering College Chennai

18th to 20th November 2013



Matlab –Simulink programming & recent optimization techniques”

Arunachala College of Engineering for Women

8th to 10th may 2014


Academic Year-2014-15


Online learning tutorial program-scilab

Bethlahem institute of Engineering

3rd July 2014


Academic Year-2015-16


Random Carrier Pulse Width Modulation techniques for three phase VSI drives with constant and fluctuating dc links.

National Engineering College, Kovilpatti

23rd September 2015

Resource Person


Discrete time systems and signal processing.

FDP Anna university / Arunachala college of engineering for women.

12th to 18th November




Noor Islam University

1st March 2016



Industrial Automation

Bethlahem Institute Of           Engineering

10th to 12th February.

Organizer and participant


NBA Accreditation Based On Outcome-Format 2015

Vidya academy of science  Trissur

13th & 14th May 2016.


Academic Year-2016-17

Conferences Attended

  • Emerging Trends In Engineering Technologies-2010 (International Conference)

          Venue: Noorul Islam University Date: 25th & 26th March 2010


  • Emerging Trends In Communication And Networking (National  Conference)

          Venue: C.S.I. Institute Of Technology Date:10th April 2010


  •   Comprehensive Analysis on Random Pulse Width Modulation based Induction Drives(National  Conference)

            Venue: Sathyam Engineering College. Date:14th March 13– 2013


Sno. Projects Guided Year

4 pg batches

6 ug batches