Swapna B Sasi

Assistant Professor

1.Pursuing PhD

2.M.E from Pavendar Bharathidasan College of Engg & Technology,Trichy

3.B.E from NIT Trichy

1.Lecturer on adhoc  in University of Calicut

2.Faculty in KELTRON,Trivandrum

Areas of Specialization

Network Security

Areas of Interest

Network Security,Database Management Systems

Sno. Achievement Year


  1. Organized Workshop on Python Programming on 31st July and 1st August at JEC

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[6] Swapna B Sasi, Dila Dixon, Jesmy Wilson,” A General Comparison of Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptosystems for WSNs and an Overview of Location Based Encryption Technique for Improving Security”, IOSR Journal of Engineering, Vol. 04, Issue 03, March. 2014.

[7] Jissmol Jose, Swapna B Sasi ,”Certificate Revocation in MANET using Threshold”,IEEE Explore,January 2015 .

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Sno. Projects Guided Year

1.Intelligent Policing System

2.Blood Donation App

3. Single  Sign - on password


1.Light burst based en/decryption mechanism

2. KWA automatic billing system




1.Blood Donation Management System

2.Location Based Encryption Using Message Authentication Code in Mobile Network

3.Cluster based certificate revocation with vindication capablity for mobile adhoc networks