Biju C V

Associate Professor

SSLC                      Passed with distinction                           St. JOseph School Pavaratty                 1991

Pre Degree              Passed with First Class                          St. Thomas College Thrissur                 1993

B.Tech                    Passed with First Class                           Govt. Engg. College, Thrissur               1998

M.E.                        Passed with First Class                           V.M.K.V. Salem                                   2007

Ph.D.                      Persuing                                                IIT Madras                                       


   1998-2002        as Industrial Engineer                              in Kerala State Prodductivity Council Kalamassery (KSPC)

   2002- till date    as Lecture/ Asst. Prof / assoc. Prof.          in Jyothi Engg. College, Cheruthuruthy

Areas of Specialization

Manufacturing Engineering

Vibration control

Areas of Interest

Metal cutting

Vibration monitoring

Dynamic analysis of structures

Mecahnics of machinery


Sno. Achievement Year

Best Paper award : ISTE 25 th annual stae convention, 2014

Puase and Search a multi pillar approach as a modified blooms taxonomy


Technical talk at Institution of Engineers India, Thrissur centre

"Chatter attunuation in machining operation using passive and active methods"


Technical Talk at Institution of Engineers India, Kerala state centre, Trivandram

" Finishing and superfinishing operations for high production"


  1. Biju, C. V., and M. S. Shunmugam. "Investigation into effect of particle impact damping (PID) on surface topography in boring operation." The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 75.5-8 (2014): 1219-1231.
  2. Menachery, Nice, C. V. Biju, and M. T. Sijo. "Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Grain Structure of 5xxx Aluminium Alloys under Precisely Controlled Annealed Conditions." International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications: 381.
  3. Nikhil N.S, Lalu P.P & C.V.Biju, “Investigation of Machinability of Self Propelled Rotary Cutting Tool”, International Journal of Research In Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering, Vol-1 (84-93).
  4. Biju C.V & P.T.Sojan, 2013, " Designa nd Development of Oin on Disc Apparatus and Investigation of Tribological behaviour of Metals", International conference on safety by design, organised by University of Calcut.


  1. June 13-25: 2005: attended Short term training programme at Lakshmi Narain Colleg of Engineering, Bhopal on Effective Teaching and knowledge managment.
  2. Dec. 12: 2008, presented paper on "electricity from waste" in the Indo German conference, organised by Chamber of Commerce, Thrissur.
  3. Dec. 2: 2015 participated a training programme on "water quality" organised by Civil engineering Dept of Jyothi Engineering Quality Cheruthuruthy.
  4. April 28-29:2006 partticipated in thw workshop on "Fluidics and automation" held at St. Joseph engineering College, Managalore.
  5. June 16-21: 2008,Participated in the short term training program on " Manufacturing sysytems and Technologies" organised by Viswajyothi College of Engineering and technologies, Vazhakulam.
  6. January 16-17:2015, Participated national wokshop on "intellectial property rights and research funding possibilities" organised by Kerala State Coucil for Science and Technology and environment, Kerala.
  7. May 3-5:2007, Presented a paper on Electrochemical Maching in the national conference held at Amal Jyothi College of Engineeriung, Kanjirappily.
  8. January 8:2016, presented a paper on "Project based learning" in the short term training programe organised by NSS college of engineering, Palakkad.


Sno. Projects Guided Year

Quality assesment of railway track using GSM based remote operated robot

Team members : Alywin Johnson, Christo Thomas,

Christy Xavier, Edwin THomas, Giljo Varghese


Design analysis and fabrication of centrifugal assisted bowling machine  (2016). Team Members :Jisho joy, Midhun M.R, Rahulnath v, Sooraj George, Vyshnav Rajeev


Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Automated Remotely Operated Church Bell Team members :

Denzil James, Edwin Babu, Edwin Joseph , Francis P X, Geo Martin.