FDP on Innovative approach for effective implementation of student project and its documentation

General Published On 14 Jan 2019 brochure_fdp_14Jan20191.pdf

Civil and Computer Science department of Jyothi Engineering College are conducting afive-day FDP for faculties of Engineering colleges as an initiative for improving the overall quality of B. Tech /M Tech students’projects. Since during recruiting process student project report is often considered as a threshold to assess the standard of the institution in which the candidate has studied, an overall improvement in this sphere is highly essential considering the present scenario ofreduction in job opportunities. This FDP aims at introducing the various project parameters in accordance with the international formats being followed all over the world which ultimately improves the effectiveness of the works in respect of its scientific orientation and readability and thus to increase the acceptability of our students.  Preparation of project report in latex format will be fully covered during the sessions with practical orientation in computer lab.

For details download the brochure.