Dr Nisha Rapheal

Assistant Professor

I have great privilege to introduce myself as Dr. Nisha Rapheal, I am an experienced person with willingness to contribute positively and work for the welfare of the organization I am employed, to... Read More

*I have passed my Master’s degree from Calicut University in 2003 and I completed my Bachelor of Education degree and cleared the Eligibility exam for higher secondary teaching. Moreover, I have acquired Doctorate in Economics from Calicut University in 2016 on the topic ‘The Indian Tyre industry: Financial and economic analysis’.

*IT SKILLS :Practical Accountancy (2007)
Certificate in IT, C++, Java (2004)
MS Office (2002) 

*RESEARCH PROJECT ASSISTANT :Research project - ‘Women’s wellbeing in Kerala’ for a period of three months during 2012. Sponsored by School of Health Sciences and Social Work, Portsmouth University, United Kingdom.






Sub. Handled:

Kerala Agricultural University –MBA, ABM

March 2016-August 2016

Guest lecturer

International Trade




Sub. Handled:

Paramekkavu Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary CBSE


June 2010 – March 2011

Economics Teacher





Sub. Handled:

Devamatha CMI Public School, Thrissur -22, Kerala, India

May 2007 – May 2010

Economics Teacher & Faculty Member of C.A Economics




Sub. Handled:

Kanikka Matha English Medium Girls School Palakkad – 6,

Kerala, India

August 2006 – January 2007

Higher Secondary Economics Teacher Economics

Areas of Specialization

Ph.D in the topic ‘The Indian Tyre Industry :Financial and Economic analysis ’.




INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS – TEXT AND CASE STUDY,ISBN 978- 81-8484-420-7, Publishers: Regal Publications,New Delhi 110027, Author: NISHA RAPHEAL



Areas of Interest




Paper publications



1.ISBN EDITED BOOK :Outlier phenomena of Kerala economyThe context of Reghuram Rajan panel report (ISBN 978-81-8484-471-9, Economic development in India: problems and prospects,Regal publications 2015)


2.RESEARCH PAPERS Housing in Kerala -Dimensions, Problems and Alternatives Published in POSEIDON, Volume II, No. 1, June 2013, ISSN 2319 –6238



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Two Emerging Powers –India & China : Published in DISCOURSE Xavierian Research Journal, Volume 1, No.2, September 2013, ISSN 2321 – 0214



6.An Overview of FinancialPerformance of Indian TyreIndustry –Comparison

Among Leading TyreCompanies Published in INNOVATIVE JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND

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7.Violence against women inIndia – An analysis Published in DISCOURSE Xavierian Research Journal, Volume 1, No.2, September 2013, ISSN 2321 – 0214


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1.Technology generation in Indiantyre Industry : National Seminar at Dr. John Matthai Centre, Thrissur on26.03.2013


2.Violence Against Women in India: National seminar (UGC sponsored) at Morning Star Home Science

College, Angamaly on 26.07.2013



3.Drug trafficking and black moneygeneration in India: National seminar (UGC sponsored) at St. Aloysius College,Elthuruth on 09.10.2013


4.Current scenario of the sinking Indian economy - facts unveiled: National seminar at Govt. college, Chittur on 11.10.2013


5.Outlier phenomenon of Kerala economy: Facts versus Hype: National seminar at Govt. Victoria college, Palakkad. On 1.11.2013


6.Kerala Diaspora- The Boomerang Effect: National seminar (UGC sponsored) at Vimala College Thrissur on 12.08.2014