Sindhu S

Associate Professor

I am someone who does teaching, bit of research and enjoy working hard to make my dream come alive.

1.PhD(Doing) at Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, Coimabatore

2. M.Tech in Power Electronics from Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, Coimabatore

3. B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bharatiar University

1. Senior Faculty, NIIT(1 year)

2. Faculty, NIIT Ltd, Delhi(1 Year)

3. Assistant Professor, Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre, Pampady,Thrissur(3 years)


Areas of Specialization

Power Electronics

Areas of Interest

1. Power Quality

2. Power Electronics

3. Digital Electronics

4.Devices and Circuits

Sno. Achievement Year

1. Second Rank in MTech at Amrita University in Power Electronics (2007-09)batch


[1] Sindhu, S., M. R. Sindhu, and T. N. P. Nambiar. , “Implementation of Photovoltaic Integrated Unified Power Conditioner for Power Quality Enhancement”,  IEEE International  Conference on power electronics, drives and energy systems (PEDES), December 2016,     Trivandrum, India

[2] Sindhu S.,  "Simplified Control Algorithm for Power Quality Improvement in Industrial Applications." International Journal for Control Theory and Application, vol.8, no. 5, pp. 2021-2028.,2015

 [3] Sindhu, S.,"An Exponential Composition Algorithm Based UPQC for Power Quality Enhancement", Procedia Technology, vol. 21, pp. 415-422, 2015.

[4]  Sindhu, S., “Power quality compensation for an Induction Motor Drive with UPQC.” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol.10, no.20, pp. 15527-15231, 2015.

[5]  Sindhu, S., “Design and simulation of an improved algorithm for three phase shunt active filter”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol.10, no.1, pp. 844-849, 2015.

[6] Implementation of Three phase Shunt Hybrid Filter Using Icosf Algorithm" Asian Power Electronics Journal, vol. 5,no. 1,pp: 7-12ea

1. One week FDP on Performance based work ethic at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during 13th to 19th June

2.Two days FDP by ICT Training centre on Introduction to Moodle at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during 19th and 20th November

3.7 days Faculty development programme on Empowering through Team Work at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during 1st to 7th June

4. Two day National Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and Research Funding Possibilities  Jointly organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during 16th & 17th  January 2015

5.25th Annual Convention of ISTE Kerala Section  on the theme Strengthening Technical Education for Sustainable Development at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy on 25th October 2014

6. 2 day residential Training programme for improving Professional Excellency of Faculty of Jyothi Engineering college at CSR Pariyaram, Chalakkudy during 5th to 6th  July 2013 

7. ISTE sponsored National level FDP on Design, Testing and Launching of satellite systems organized by AEI, ECE and EEE Departments at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during 6th & 8th February 2013

8. National Level FDP on Emerging Trends in Power Electronics & Systems by ISTE at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during Feb.1-3,2012

9.National Level Faculty Development Program on VLSI by ISTE at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during Dec. 15-17, 2011.

10. National Workshop on Signal processing organized by ISTE at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during Nov. 26-27, 2010.

11. All India Seminar on Environmental Issues in Production Engineering, organized by The Institution of Engineers (IE), Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy during Nov. 19-20, 2010.

12. Staff Development Programme on Recent Trends in VLSI and Nanotechnologyorganized by GEC, Thrissur during Oct. 4-9,2010


Sno. Projects Guided Year

Mini Offline UPS


Remote Controlled Table Fan


Gesture Controlled Humanoid Robotic Arm



3 Lead ECG


Digital Oscilloscope


12V DC Boost Regulator