Majo John

Assistant Professor

I believe in hard-work and that my passion towards work and perfection will make me an asset to the organization.

  1. MTech from Amrita School of Engineering (Amrita University) specialized in Computer Vision and Image Processing
  2. BTech from Viswajyothi College of Engineering & Technology (M G University) in Computer Science and Engineering
Areas of Specialization

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Areas of Interest

  1. Image Processing
  2. Computer Vision

  1. Machine Login Monitoring and Tracking Security paper published in journal International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering and Engineering and Engineering in the issue 12  Vol.2 , December - 2014.
  2.  A IEEE paper “Generation of Medical Atlas from Brain MR Images through Segmentation” was presented on 3rd International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems 2010

  1. Participated in the MHRD- AICTE sponsored FDP on Image Computing and Applications (ICA), organised by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Calicut 
  2. Participated in FDP on Network Management and Security at Jyothi Engineeing College

  3. Participated in  Two day national work shop on Computational at Jyothi Engineeing College

  4. Participated in FDP on  Mobile Communication at Jyothi Engineeing College

  5. Participated in  All India Seminar on advances in Information Technology at Jyothi Engineeing College

  6. Participated in   Training Course on ISO 9001:2008 Internal Audit at Jyothi Engineeing College

  7. Participated in   Training Program  on Improving Professional at CSR, Pariyaaram

  8. Participated in  FDP on Intellectual Property Rights and Research Funding at Jyothi Engineeing College

  9. Participated in   25th Annual  Convention of ISTE at Jyothi Engineeing College

  10. Participated in FDP on  Empowering through Team Work at Jyothi Engineeing College

  11. Participated in  FDP on Performance Based Work Ethic at Jyothi Engineeing College

Sno. Projects Guided Year

Mini project titled "MobiWik : The Automatic profile changer" for 2015-2016 CSE students


Main Project titled " Yoono- The Search Engine" for 2015-2016 IT batch students


Main Project titled "Machine Login Monitoring and Tracking Security System" for 2014-2015 batch IT students