Nyni K A

Assistant Professor

Husband: Bilal P. A.

Daughter: Ayisha Thamanna P. B.

Residing at Kalathode, Thrissur

M. E. in Applied Electronics from Hindustan College of Engg. & Technology, Coimbatore

B. Tech. in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation from IES College of Engg., Cheruthuruthy

Class XII & Class X from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Poochatty

8 months teaching experience as Lecturer at KMCT Engg. College, Calicut

Areas of Specialization

Applied Electronics

Areas of Interest

Digital Electronics, Control Systems, Biomedical Signal Processing

1. Fovea Localisation in Fundus Image using Adaptive Morphology Bonfring International Journal of Advances in Image Processing,vol.2,Special Issue 1, Part 2, February 2012,  pp. 80-85.

2. Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Retinal Images International Journal of Communications and Engineering , volume 03- No. 3, Issue 01, March 2012,  pp. 132-137.

3. Detection of Macula in Retinal Images using Morphology International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume 4, Issue1, January 2014, pp. 908-911.

4. Wireless Health Monitoring System for Detection of ECG, EMG and EEG,  International Jpurnal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol.6, Special Issue 4, March 2017, pp 32-35.


1. Fovea Localisation  in Fundus Image using Adaptive Morphology 16th ,17th  February, 2012 in National Conference on Communication Technology Intervention for Rural and Social Development (NCCTIRD-2012)at Sri Krishna College of Engg. & Technology.

2. Identification of Abnormalities Caused by Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Retinal Images 7th – 9th March 2012 in International Conference on Computing Techniques, Embedded Systems and Drives(ICCED’12), at PPG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.

3. Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Retinal Images 9th, 10th March 2012 in International Conference on Advanced Computing Technology(ICACT-2012), at J.K.K. Nataraja College of Engg. and Technology, Tamil Nadu.

4. Detection of Macula Region in Fundus Retinal Image using Morphology 9th March 2012 in National Conference on Control and Power Engineering (CAPECON 2012),at Hindustan College of Engg. and Technology, Coimbatore.

5. Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Retinal Image using Colorspace & Morphology 21st & 22nd March, 2012 in National Conference on Smart Technologies for Instrumentation and Control Engineering(NCSTICE 2012), at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy.

6. Automation of Calcination Process using PLC and SCADA 19th March 2014, in  National Conference on Innovation in Communication and Instrumentation.

7. Automation of  U 300 Oxygen Preheater 17th and 18th  March 2016, in  IEEE Sponsored 3rd International  Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems.

8. Wireless Health Monitoring System For ECG, EMG and EEG Detection, 17th and 18th  March 2017, in  IEEE Sponsored 4th International  Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems.


1. Workshop on Recent Trends in Computer Architecture by Dept. of Computer Science & Engg , NIT Calicut on 08/08/08.

2. Workshop on Teaching Excellence & Methodology at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy  from 29/03/10 – 31/03/10.

3. ISTE sponsored National level FDP on Design , Testing and Launching of satellite systems organized by AEI,ECE and EEE Departments at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy on 6th t& 8th February 2013.

4. 25th Annual Convention of ISTE Kerala Section  on the theme Strengthening Technical Education for Sustainable Development at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy on 25th October 2014.

5. FDP in Concepts of Coaching by ICT Academy of Kerala at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy on 12/11/14 – 14/11/14.

6. Two day National Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and Research Funding Possibilities  Jointly organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy on 16th & 17th  January 2015.

7. 7 days Faculty development programme on Empowering through Team Work at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy from 1st to 7th June 2015.

8. Two Day Faculty Development Programme on ‘ Robotics & Industrial Automation’ by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy on 10th & 11th February 2016.

9. One week Faculty Development Programme on ‘Performance based Work Ethic’ at Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy from 13th to 19th June 2016.

10. One Day FDP on ' How to Write a Research Paper' Jointlu Organized by CESA and R&D cell of Jyothi Engineering College on 10.11.2016.

11. Five Day FDP on 'Essential Mathematics for Engineering' conducted by APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University in association with ICT Academy of Kerala from 29th November 2016 to 3rd December 2016 at Vidya Academy of Science & Technology, Thrissur.

12. Two Day FDP 'An overview of Mathematics in research' Organized by Dept. of BSH, JECC on 13th & 14th December 2016 at Jyothi Engineering College.

13. Two Day Workshop on ' Simulation using NS3' Organized by Dept. of ECE, JECC in association with ISTE on 15th & 16th December 2016 at Jyothi Engineering College.

14. Five Day FDP on 'Control Systems: Theroy and Applications' Organized by Government Engineering College, Thrissur from 04th December 2017 to 08th December 2017.

15. Three Day FDP on 'Signal Processing and Embedded System Design Using EDA Tools' Organized by Dept. of ECE, JECC from 19th December 2017 to 21st December 2017.

Sno. Projects Guided Year





Automation of  U- 300 Oxygen Preheater


1. Automation of NABAM Reactor using PLC

2. Automation of Liquid Pesticide Filling using PLC


Automation of Calciner Section Using PLC & SCADA


ID Fan Interlock using Siemens S7-400H


Study & Design of DCS Conversion in NP PLant


PAC & SCADA Design for Ammonia Handling Site