Tharang 17

Electronics and Communication Engineering Published On 08 Mar 2017

As part of Tharang’17, Dept. of ECE conducted the following events on 08/03/2017:

Techathon : A platform to design and develop a model or release a product based on public welfare. 14 teams from various engineering colleges participated. First prize was secured by Bernad Boban, Pranav V ,Shruthy Chandhran, Palatty Jesvin Joseph of JECC. Second prize was secured by Asish Johnson, Geo John, Jeffin C Joy, Jerin Joseph John,Jemin Johnson of JECC and third prize was secured by Alfred C J, Jission Luis, Lijo Joseph, Shinto C Thomas of Royal College Of Engineering &Technology.

Techhunt: In this event teams raced against time through the daunting physical and technical tasks, to become the first in finding the hidden treasures. 20 teams from various engineering colleges participated in the event.  First Prize Was Secured By Vysakh K R And Team(S6 ECB) from Jyothi Engineering College.

Mission Impossible: Each team work as a team to complete each task that will help them to rescue the soldier trapped in enemy camp. 14 teams from Jyothi engineering college participated in the event. First prize was secured by Jerin Reji & Team from Jyothi Engineering College.