The Institution has always maintained a Research Culture and has taken up a number of minor and major research projects. Research publications, Ongoing Research and Consultancy have added to the professional development of the Faculty. Commitment to basic long term research as the foundation for future development is the concern of the Institution. In research, there is progressive sharing of academic knowledge and resources to create new resources. We strive to strengthen further our research programs as well our relationship with industry by supporting our faculty and students to work on sponsored research and industrial projects and consultancy. Faculty and students are encouraged to take up hands on industrial problems as consultancy projects to enrich their problem solving skills.

Jyothi Consultancy Services (JCS)

Consultancy for software projects (Development, Maintenance, Re-engineering, Transformational type of projects) from external entities/clients are being executed at tbi@jec. Project Management, Software Estimation, Road Map Definition, Build Versus Buy Analysis, Fitment Analysis, Requirements Elicitation, Software Architecture, High-level and Detailed Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Independent Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Deployment, Implementation, Post-Implementation Support and Maintenance activities are some of the niche areas of focus. There are multiple external and internal projects that are executed in fast track and crashed schedules based on client priorities. Details about projects are shared on a need to know basis to protect client confidentiality. For more information, please write to

Centre for Water Research and Education

Centre for Water Research and Education (CWRE) was established on 05-08-2016 as subsidiary of Civil Engineering department Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy. The centre aims at providing services to the people on remediation of various water issues such as water quality, water shortage, rain water harvesting, water treatment and with special focus on maintenance of domestic water sources of Kerala. The centre maintains an approved water testing laboratory with facilities for analysis of conventional water quality parameters. A panel of experts from the sector are assigned the job of clearing doubts of the people on various issues related to water.

Consultancy Snapshot
# Consultancy Services Clients
1 Characteristic strength of Concrete Cube PWD, Irrigation
2 Tension test on mild steel Building Contractors
3 Soil testing Railways
4 Testing of tiles Building Contractors
5 Land survey using Total Station Jyothi Engineering College,Catholic church at Varavoor

Intelligent Data Analytics Platform for a Metro Rail Transport System
Collaborating Institutions

Through this project, we intend to develop an intelligent data analytical platform for a metro rail transport system integrating its various CPS and other data sources. We keep Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) as a specific use case for this project. This platform will be a middleware with input (data) APIs and output (information) APIs which is built on the top of an HDFS based software stack. The middleware will also implement a set of analytical solutions which are again exposed to the outside world through relevant APIs. Developers can leverage on these input and output APIs to develop internal or external applications. The project will also implement few Proof of Concept (POC) applications to prove the viability of the above middleware with its APIs. This middleware will be generic in nature so that it could be replicated in other Metro Rail systems with minimum modifications and customization.

We gratefully acknowledge that this project is financially supported by the Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems Division of Department of Science and Technology for a total project amount of Rs. 24,96,000 under the order number: DST/ICPS/CPS-Individual/2018/1091(G).

Research Snapshot
# Project Proposals
1 Consistency Based Safety Evaluation of Rural Highways - Centre for Transportation Research, Dept. of Civil Engineering, NIT Calicut
# Research Oriented Student Projects
1 Safety and Consistency Evaluation of Two Lane Rural Highway (2012-16)
2 Evaluation of Highway Consistency using Driver Workload (2013-17)
3 Operating Speed based Consistency Evaluation of Rural Highways (2013-17)
4 Crash Messenger (An Interdisciplinary Project) selected by KTU Tech fest 2106 & tech Top 2016 (2016-2017)
5 Eye Ball controlled wheel chair with home automation selected and funded by Manorama Master mind 2015 (2014-15)
6 Meal Assistance Robot selected and funded by Manorama Master mind 2014 (2013-2014)
7 Fingerprint Based Gender identification selected and funded by Manorama Master mind 2014 (2013-2014)
# Projects Completed
1 Advanced Modeling and Control of a Power System with U P F C & Stability Enhancement of a Multi-Area Power System with Unified Power Flow Controller completed and presented in PEOCO 2014 Langkawi Malaysia
2 Driver Centric Safety Evaluation Of Two Lane Rural Highway - The research work focused on the effect of geometric design consistency on safety of two lane rural highways, taking into consideration the amount of workload the geometry load up on a driver. ... Read More